DJINN 2016

I had the honor and privilege to make this video with Peter Hristoff. He asked me to shoot and edit a short piece for a drawing marathon he made while at his residency at the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York. I wanted to create layers much like his paintings with the video I was capturing. 

How Beauty Through Art Shaped the World

This video was commissioned by the Art Student's League of New York for a lecture in the American Academy of Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. This video was originally projected as Gary Sussman, director of the Vyt Campus, gave his speech on the importance of art to plastic surgeons. The video did not have his narration originally. 

I sourced all images, and created all the animations. 

Mary Frank Animation Samples

This is a sample animation I've been working on with artist Mary Frank. More to come. These are 3 different still images that I animated in after effects. 

Agua de Banho

Agua de Banho was a juxtaposed video projection of randomly captured footage on my iPhone. 

The juxtaposition allows the images to come in and out, and the shapes to be recognized and not. The viewer is allowed to see parts of the man and the pig living in one image. This video was a short  and personal exploration of what is seen and unseen, what is shown and what is hidden. 

Minha Amiga Isabel

I collect various short video clips of random things on my iPhone everyday. Minha Amiga Isabel was my first try to incorporate these videos in a linear format. I explored what I could do with video masks and shapes; it was important that I break from the normal bounding rectangle or square we are used to when watching videos/films. 

The intended display of this video would be from multiple projectors on broken mirrors or a disco-ball. 


Applause is an interactive video installation that explores having to perform tasks while dealing with the discomfort of city life, small spaces, and paper thin walls. 

Projection space is ideally a small, dark, and crowded room. 

If in an office setting, please use headphones. 


Burning was a collaborative short video project with artist Lucia Hinojosa. Lucia wrote the poem burning and I added imagery and voice-over to her poem. In turn, I wrote a poem for Lucia and she added imagery and voice-over.