Reel 2017

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This is a highlight reel of some of the projects I've worked on in the recent years. 

I work on the Adobe Suite, Premiere and After Effects are my go to. I am a video producer/editor and I am involved with most projects from start to finish. I write original concepts, produce, shoot, and edit. My clients are very diverse but I have a soft spot for fashion brands. 

Some clients include: Tiffany & Co., Gap, Sephora, Brooks Brothers, Harry Winston, amfAR, the Met Museum, & L.V.M.H. 

Email: for bookings. 

amfAR Countdown to a Cure 2016

Co-Creative Lead & Producer

This is a video I produced for amfAR's Countdown to a Cure. It was shown at the 2016 New York City Gala Honoring Harvey Weinstein. HIV/AIDS Prevention, treatment, and cure has always been something I care about a lot. Working on this project was a way to start 2016 with a bang.  


Writer & Producer

I wrote and produced this video for the Brooks Brother's 2015 Holiday campaign. The video played in Taxi cabs all over NYC during November/December 2015. It was my first official writing/producing gig and it made it extra special to watch it in a taxi. 



Producer & Co-Writer

Did I ever mention I LOVE factory/process videos? I had a blast learning about the craftsmanship and detail Brooks Brothers puts into every suit. On top of that, everything is US made. 

Smythson of Bond Street- Director's Cut


This was a really fun and smooth international project to produce; it premiered on the London Times and played in the London taxis for a while. We flew out to the Smythson factories in England and Italy, stayed in a beautiful castle in the Tuscan Hills, and were witness to the amount of detail and craftsmanship that goes into the Smythson products. Here is the video to prove it! 

All the hands in the video are mine, because I moonlight as a hand model. 



Mesmerize for W Magazine


This is another video that had its online premiere on W Magazine and was shown in Paris at a Very Shaded View on Fashion Film by Diane Pernet.

Definitely watch the credits because Dagmar Weaver-Madsen is a genius cinematographer. 



Well... Marlon in the shower for A/X. This is what I was working on during Hurricane Sandy a few years ago. 

Sparklers AX


This was also for the AX campaign and it premiered at Diane Pernet's a Very Shaded View on Fashion Film in Paris last year. Considering the mosquitoes were as big a chickens, this came out quite nicely. 

Hudson Woods

This was a fun project to set up and edit. It was for Hudson Woods, they are developing some beautiful green homes in the Hudson Valley. They wanted a time lapse video to showcase the model house being built. I love time lapses. 

go to for more information. 

Bali Travel Video


Why should you go to Bali? Well, watch and get back to me. 

Role: U.S. Producer (No, sadly I didn't go and had to produce everything from back home)