O Curupira by Jonathas Nazareth

O Curupira, 2014. Carved wood block (in my bathtub) I made a limited edition of prints, later turned this into a painting. I learned about the Curupira as a kid in school. The Curupira is a mythological creature responsible for all living beings and the forests of Brazil. He is usually depicted a little boy spirit with fiery red hair and inverted feet. This is my own rendition. I became interested in the Curupira after returning to Araruama nearly 20 years after I had left and saw the state of destruction the area had experienced due to an oil boom and increased real estate development. 

Since then, I have made many versions of the Curupira including the two below. On a very personal and mystical level, I made curupiras as a way to ask the spirits to protect these areas that are so dear to me. It also became a way to bring back the folkloric figures and raise awareness about the ongoing deforestation of Brazil.