Memory Lane

Coney Island, 2016 by Jonathas Nazareth

I've been wanting to go back to Coney Island for many years now. The first time and last time I went was in 2007. I was determined to go back before the summer was over, so I called my besties and we went on a Sunday adventure. I wanted to document that very special day, it was Labor day 2016, probably the last summer Lucas would be living in NY. Alex has also been living in New York for 16 years, and had never been. I grabbed Matilda, my Nikon FM3 35mm camera and we took the D train out there. After about 1 hour and 30 minutes we arrived on the sandy beaches of Brighton Beach. The general consensus was that New York has a lot to offer. We all felt we had been transported to a new world. We are all so used to speed that comes with living in the city, being able to lay back on the sand and hear the calm sea was a treat. Later we walked along the boardwalk until we got the Coney Island Parks. It is a magical place, so much of what it was before Sandy hit was still there. The people crowded the parks, food stands, and the pier. The six of us walked along the crowds trying to take in as much of the last precious moments of summer. Below are a few of the shots I took. Having a camera around, at a place like that creates too much anxiety because you feel you have to capture it all. Photography for me is an exercise in documenting; it is an aid to my memory. Later in life, I hope to have these moments up on my walls, on my fridge, in my stechbooks. Who knows how much technology will have changed the world or how we live their lives, but one thing is certain I will always have desire for the tactile, and that is what photography provides for me, a moment in memory I can touch.