Surrender / by Jonathas Nazareth

The thought
What ought
And your will
Surrender the times you cried
Any desire to heal
Surrender your strength
Every shred, every ounce, every length
Surrender the dark of night
The light filled day
The wetness of the sea
And the heat of the sun
Surrender the justice
For the unfair
The traumas the bruises
To the loss of air
Surrender to the weight
Of your eyelids, to the knot
In your throat
To the stones that sit on your chest
Surrender the hope
Surrender to the shortness of breath
Surrender the sounds of words spoken
And of those left unsaid
Surrender to the tip-tap
On the window of your head
And the thump-a-Thump
From the ceiling above
Surrender to the drops of red
The ones you shed to no end
Surrender your desire to mend.
Surrender to what he or she said
To what they think
And to being in a rut
Surrender above all
to the fear in your gut.