Post Cards from Creation / by Jonathas Nazareth

I became fascinated with Post cards back in 2011. I figured it was a way to capture a memory for myself as a collector, and to share a memory with a friend almost by inserting them into that moment. Much like a photograph captures the moment we experience. I began collecting postcards and I sent them to so many people. It was like I could take a very expensive or valuable piece of work and send it for less than a dollar. 

Postcards I purchased on my travels. Rodin Museum Paris, Caravaggio in a church in Rome, and a beautifully ornate postcard from Florence. 

One person who has always responded and done the same with me was my bestieLucas Lai. I secretly began to collect postcards to send to him. We have been exchanging post cards since 2012. Lucas divides his time between Brooklyn and Shelter Island. I live in harlem. We send each other cards from abroad, but mostly from one neighborhood to the other. Once I think I sent him all the contents of my inspiration board over my desk by simply attaching a stamp to a photo or magazine cut out.  Below is a postcard he sent me once on his way to Berlin in 2013. He describes how he loves the city so much. Little did he know 3 years later his dream would come true. I guess I have to buy more postage. 

Post card from Lucas in 2013, sadly, almost 3 years later to the day he told me he was moving to Berlin. 

I began making my own postcards also as a way of collecting a moment when in my studio for myself, and also inserting a friend or viewer into my process of creation. I call these Post Cards from Creation.

4x6 Post Cards, mixed media on paper. I make while I am working. I often send these out to people, or sell them for $5 ( An expensive post card, I know!)