From Marfa, With Love / by Jonathas Nazareth

Lucas and I went on a road trip to Marfa in October. We flew into Albuquerque, NM and drove to Marfa, stopping in Roswell, Carlsbad, and Van Horn. We were both curious (Lucas much than I was) about Marfa, and what that strange art community in the middle of nowhere looked like. When we returned, we drove through El Paso, stopping at White Sands National Park. 

I was so in love with the landscape in Texas and New Mexico. Seeing the flatness of the land and the mountains really changed my work recently. It has also changed/expanded some of the questions I have about line and perspective. It has deeply influenced the landscapes I played around with before, but recently have made a huge come back into the landscape of my thoughts. Below are some of my favorite photos, all shot on Matilda the Nikon, my trusty 35 mm camera.