Jonathas Nazareth


I have never wanted to draw real life. When I decided I would live a life of drawing and painting I knew I had no interest in the real. I had nothing but disdain for drawing from observation or still lives. Life is never still. I have always been too concerned with the inner workings of my mind. I would feign interest in the real, always using it as a disguise for the imaginary. In a drawing class before nude models, I would endow lines of bodies sitting in time with my volatile memories and thoughts.

Drawing and painting have always been for me a way to capture the fleeting moment of the now. I would draw not shapes but the misconceived notions of my youth. Sometimes as photograph in the morning paper, a thought circling around in the social platforms, the shapes of buildings and landscapes of my childhood. Who knows what would be alive at any given hour in the forefront of my mind. Loss and gains, the forward pushing of patterns of life. Drawing as a way to capture ideas rather than form. The embrace of a lover, the memory of loved one, a sandwich well made, the bounce of my dogs walk as we circle around the block. I drew/draw the ambivalent desire to leave when all is still and happily ordinary.

More often than not, I need money to pay the skyrocketing prices of this city, I take up a job in fashion, making videos and editing stories. I share a passion for moving images. My work is a constant dance of all things funneled through patterns and lines. Do not look here for work that is consistent, but at one who is consistently working.

A Brazilian visual artist based in Harlem NY.

Solo Show:

Land, Flatiron Project Space, Chelsea New York, 2017- 

Recent Group Shows:

Paisley, Flatiron Project Space, curated by Peter Hrisotff Chelsea NY, 2017

C.A.M Gallery, Whatever Forever, Istanbul, 2016

Aspat 13th International Art Symposium, Bodrum, Turkey, Sept 2015

Either Way I'm Celebrating, Pop-up Stanton St. Gallery, 2015

Amarcord, 21st Street Gallery, New York, 2015

Antica Libreria Cascianelli, Piazza Navonna, Rome Italy, 2015, 2014

Tiny Biennale, Temple University Galley, Rome, Italy, 2014

The Rema Hort Mann Foundation, New York, 2013

Michael Mut Gallery, Handy Minds, New York, 2013

Prienne Hali Benefit Show, NY, 2012


amfAR, ASVOFF, Armani Exchange, Bulgari, Cartier, Frank Tell, GMHC, Harry Winston, Ippolita, Jimmy Choo, Joe Fresh, John Hardy, The London Times, MKG, Moet/Hennessy, Nowness, Ocean Spray, Pepsi, Piaget, Smythson of Bond Street, Stonewall Community Foundation, Swarovski, Weber Shandwick, Vogue, World Fund, and W Magazine.